About me

Hi, I am Julia: a content expert ready to help with all your communications and journalism needs.

At home I’m a mum, mountain biker and coffee snob with a love of travel. At work I’m a communications specialist with a love of words and a passion for creative campaigns that make a difference. I currently work at an NHS hospital, delivering campaigns to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the public and colleagues through Covid.

You are

A company needing help to create compelling content; an agency looking for a storyteller or content expert to work with; or a business owner who needs a bit of help with marketing.

You need to

Deliver better quality content to your customers or supporters, raise awareness of your brand and communicate your values, improve engagement, inspire a following, drive action and keep your fans coming back for more.

I can make it happen with

Impactful and compelling stories; clear, relevant and engaging messages; sharp interviewing and editing skills and multi-media content production. All this alongside honest, direct and fuss-free services.

I provide these content formats

Website content, blog posts, video, podcasts, publications, thought leadership, press releases, email newsletters, social media content for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, company profiles, brochure copy and product descriptions. I can provide lots more than this – just get in touch to see what else I can do.

I can also help you with

Strategic communications planning, content management, tone of voice, brand guidelines, magazine content planning, editor services, topic planning, internal communication campaigns, campaign planning, external media management, thought leadership and social media management.

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