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My stories have influenced and helped change EU and UK law.

It was my exclusive interview with David Cameron and subsequent campaign for justice for a brain-damaged footballer, that influenced a change in the law to give British crime victims greater protection abroad. Gina Martin did a story with me. I scooped the first interview with the an innocent Londoner held in an Iraqi jail on trumped up terror charges after campaigning for his release. I also got the exclusive on the first Polio victim in Australia for 21 years.

I love writing about equality and environmental issues at this Glamour UK story shows, but I am an all-round news hound with experience covering maternal mental health, crime, politics, business, innovation, lifestyle and education.

Prior to going freelance, I shifted at the Evening Standard and Times Online, was assistant editor at the Surrey Comet and reported for Sutton Guardian and The Journal. My stories were often picked up by national newspapers, such as my campaign to get justice for footballer Robbie Hughes and a story about a BNP candidate who posed in a burqa and fishnets.

Before that I reported for Australia’s Leader Newspapers on the startling health, education and land inequalities facing indigenous communities. I also worked for Radio and Television Hong Kong in 2002 where I interviewed Filipino domestic workers facing physical and verbal abuse from their employers.

I now supply written work to a range of clients – from magazines to charities and supply a range of content services to businesses.


The New York Model Earth Activist Calling For Climate ActionGlamour Magazine, March 2019

Posing in a Burqa and fishnets, BNP activist who backs execution of ‘Paki’ criminals  – The Evening Standard

Innocent businessman released from Iraqi jail after campaignSutton Guardian

David Cameron backs bashed footballer’s plea campaign for justice Sutton Guardian

Triple suicide family torn apart by fourth deathSutton Guardian

Son of murdered grandmother tells of family’s loss Sutton Guardian

Prime Minister backs bid to boost image of North EastThe Journal

Olympic hopeful found after 11 day disappearance – The Evening Standard

Apocalypse wow – how gallery got a bargain ChagallThe Evening Standard

I interviewed domestic violence victims with sensitivity for this Sutton Guardian campaign. I conceived, researched and created all the content, which resulted in more domestic violence victims coming forward to police.
I built trust with a disenfranchised indigenous Australian community to report on the shocking health, education and land inequalities facing them.
Mosque attack #1: As editor, I led a team of reporters and photographers to build rapport with police to report on this racist crime factually, sensitively and to deadline. The newspaper’s report promoted community cohesion and led to successful convictions.

Mosque attack #2: As a result I was invited to take part in a Met Police training video on the benefits of partnership working in fighting crime.

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